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7th Grade Math
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7th Grade Shopping Project
In the month of December, the 7th graders participated in a school wide shopping project. They had a $5000.00 budget in which to buy gifts for their families. Click below to view the Web Quest and Rubric for this project.
File name: HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREE[2].ppt | Size: 132.5 KB
A Tribute to Escher
Students use this webquest to discover how regular polygons tesselate
File name: Escher.ppt | Size: 53.5 KB
Basketball Camp
Kristin won a 7-day scholarship worth $1000 to the Pro Shot Basketball Camp, but she will have to make some decisions about how to spend the money. Based on information stated in the task, decide how you would recommend that Kristen spend her award.
File name: Basketball Camp.doc | Size: 26 KB
Best Player in the MLB
In the Fall, students worked on the task below. They came up with their definition of the best player in MLB, chose six current players, and reviewed their seasons stats to make a decision. The measurements of central tendency,graphing, and technology were skills used to complete the project.
File name: MLB.ppt | Size: 121.5 KB
Bridge Project (Optional)
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is the agency that is responsible for all the bridges, tunnels, and the PATH trains in the metropolitan area. They have determined that there is currently too much traffic over the George Washington Bridge. They are planning for the construction of a new bridge over the Hudson River to meet the needs of the expected increase in traffic in the future. As a bridge designer, you have been selected to plan, design, and construct the new bridge connecting New York and New Jersey.
File name: Bridge.ppt | Size: 156 KB
Bull's Eye
Students will apply the concepts of geometry, proportions, and probability to calculate the chances of earning a score of 10, and each of the others. They must find the areas of the different concentric circles, or at least their ratios, to determine the likelihood of a randomly-shot arrow landing in each of the rings.
File name: Bull's Eye.doc | Size: 31.5 KB