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Science Fair 2020 Down Loads

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Classroom Instruction Worksheet
If you are completing your project in another classroom or with a group (like a Brownie Troop or the Y's aftercare program0, then this companaion worksheet needs to be completed as well.
File name: Class Instruction Worksheet for Sci Fair.doc | Size: 26 KB

Science Fair Permission Slip/ Letter English
File name: Sciencefair letter 2011 english.doc | Size: 47 KB

Science Fair Permission Slip/ Letter Spanish
File name: Copy of Science Fair Spanish lette 2011.doc | Size: 48.5 KB

Science Fair Rubric
Every student participating in the science fair this year will be graded using this rubric.
File name: Rubric.pdf | Size: 34.2 KB

Science Fair Time Line 2011
Please remember to bring this timeline worksheet to your science class to receive full credit.
File name: 6-7 science fair 2011 timetable.doc | Size: 31.5 KB