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6th grade Archives

This link will contain documents such as notes, class papers, and some homework assignments. As you can see - there are sample tests here as well. Use these to study!!!!!!

Remember, you must look through carefully to find the correct link!!!!!!!

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2010 - 2011 Course Requirements
Attached is the document regarding course description and requirements.
File name: course requirements 1011 grade 6.doc | Size: 44 KB

6TH GRADE 1st MP Study Guide
Attached is the study guide students received to review for the Quarterly Exam.
File name: Grade 6 Q1 Review.docx | Size: 12.64 KB

6th Grade Syllabus 2007 - 2008
Here is a snapshot of what we will be learning this year. Dates and lab activities are tentative. We have a lot planned, so get ready!!!!
File name: 0708 grade 6 syllabus.doc | Size: 40 KB

BP Chapter 1 power point
Here is the ppt we have been using in class for Chapter 1 - Livings Things
File name: Living Things[1].ppt | Size: 204 KB

Bacteria Notes
Here are the bacteria power point notes from class..... Use these to study for the test.
File name: bacteria_notes ppt.ppt | Size: 444 KB

Ch. 1 Mapping Earth's Surface Sample Test
This is the ch. 1 sample test for the textbook Earth's Changing Surfaces textbook. Good Luck!
File name: ch1 sample test mapping earth.doc | Size: 216 KB

Ch. 1 Review Worksheet
This is a very basic study guide for the ch. 1 test on Mapping Earth's Surface.
File name: ch. 1 review wksht.doc | Size: 29.5 KB

Ch. 1 Sect. 1 Notes
Notes for pg. 6 -14 in text.
File name: 6th grade ch.1 notes bp.doc | Size: 27.5 KB

Ch. 1 vocabulary worksheet
This is a list of the vocabulary students wrote down in class. Extra copies were available from a folder outside of room 105.
File name: Characteristics of Waves Vocabulary List.doc | Size: 23.5 KB

Ch. 1 waves ppt
Here are the notes for chapter 1 in the sound and light book. Use these to study for the test!
File name: waves.pptx | Size: 1.14 MB

Ch. 2 Freshwater Resources Sample Test
For our textbook, Earth's waters, we've been working on how much water we use and re-use.... This sample test has many of the diagrams and topics we reviewed in class.
File name: Chapter 2 Freshwater Resources Sample Test.doc | Size: 170 KB

Ch. 2 Sample test - Weathering and Soil Formation
Here is the sample test for ch.2 . We will probably not test until after NJASK is over... but that doesn't mean you can't start reviewing now!!!
File name: ch 2 sample test weathering and soil.doc | Size: 227.5 KB

Ch. 2 Weathering and Soil Formation Notes
Here is the first part of the Ch. 2 notes we used in class. Take note of the page numbers to review for the test!
File name: Chapter 2 notes.pptx | Size: 168.88 KB

Ch. 2 sound sample test
Here's the sample test for ch. 2 on sound. Use this as a study guide for your test!!!
File name: sample test-sound.doc | Size: 168.5 KB

Ch. 3 -1 Notes
We reviewed this section in class using the guided reading packet as our guide. But - if you need to have a written copy, here are the notes for this section.
File name: Protists - NOtes.doc | Size: 28 KB

Ch. 3 EM Notes
Here are the notes from Ch. 3 that we used in class.
File name: Chapter 3 EM Wave Notes.doc | Size: 26.5 KB

Ch. 3 EM Wave Test
For ch. 3 - electromagnetic waves, we will be having a "quest" a quiz that's graded like a test before we go on Feb. break. Here is the sample test to help you study. Good Luck!
File name: ch3 sample test - em.doc | Size: 148.5 KB

Ch. 3 Sample Test
Here is a sample test for ch. 3 on protists and fungi. Use this to study for the upcoming test...
File name: ch 3 sample protist and fungi test.doc | Size: 199.5 KB

Ch. 3 study guide
This is just a basic outline of the chapter to help you remember to study. You should be creating your own guides by now as each student learns differently.
File name: Study Guide for Chapter 3.doc | Size: 27.5 KB

Ch. 4 Light Sample Test
Start studying now for the ch. 4 test!! Use this as a study guide. Remember pictures are easy for me to re-use because we all know how I draw!!!
File name: ch4 light sample test.doc | Size: 143.5 KB

Ch.2 Sound Notes 2009
Sorry folks.... meant to post these Thursday and I was sidetracked and forgot! So here are the notes we typed in class. They have not been "allen-ized", but it's the information we reviewed in class. If you are printing these notes due to an absence from class (e-cyber, band, illness), then please discuss them with a classmate to find out if they added any extra class notes that might have been discussed in class, but weren't typed on the board. ** Thanks to Allie-G for the reminder!!!**
File name: sound notes 2-2.doc | Size: 30.5 KB

Ch.2 Study Guide
Remember the study guide is not the test! Use it to help you. If you need to add pictures or review other homework papers, then use the study in conjunction with them.
File name: virus-bacteria study guide.doc | Size: 30 KB

Chapter 1 Study Guide
If you have kept up with the assignments, then you should be ok for the test. But if you're in need of some guidance... here is a study guide.
File name: Study Guide Ch.1 grade 6.doc | Size: 32 KB

Chapter 1 sample test - Living Things
Here is the sample test for ch. 1. It includes the answers and page numbers for reference. Use this to help you study for the test next week.
File name: chapter 1 sample test living things.doc | Size: 189 KB

Chapter 1 waves sample test
Here is the sample test for chapter 1 on waves. Use this to study for the test! Hopefully the test will be on Thursday 12/20.
File name: chpt 1 waves sample test.doc | Size: 143 KB

Chapter 4 Light Study Guide
Here is the list of items that 1st period devised for the chapter 4 quest.
File name: Chapter 4 light review2.doc | Size: 24.5 KB

Fungi Notes
Here are the notes on 3.3 that were also on the board 12/5.
File name: Fungi Notes 2006.doc | Size: 29 KB

Fungus Fill In The Blank Notes
Thanks to Branda!!!! Here are the Fungus fill in the blank notes......
File name: fungi notes.doc | Size: 26.5 KB

File name: lab safety picture.doc | Size: 191 KB

Lab Safety PPT
File name: Lab Safety.ppt | Size: 180 KB

Ocean Zone Power Point
Ms. Orr made a wonderful power point presentation to help the 6th grade with their Ocean Zone Projects!
File name: Ocean Habitats Power Point A.ppt | Size: 4.18 MB

Ocean Zones sample test
Here is the last sample test for the school year.... WHHOOHOOO!!! Use this to study as I always pull questions and diagram from these sample tests. Test is June 10th. Good Luck!!!!
File name: ocean zones sample test.doc | Size: 199 KB

Protists Notes
To help all the classes get back on track.... here are fill in the blank notes that go along with ch. 3-1 pages 74 - 83.
File name: protist student notes.doc | Size: 156.5 KB

Rocks and Weathering Notes
This is for chapter 2 - section 1 in Earth's Changing Surfaces. It replaces the GRP. If you missed class, complete this packet for credit.
File name: ch2sect1 notes.docx | Size: 27.21 KB

Safety Extra Credit
This is a worksheet you can complete for extra credit in the science class. Needs to be completed and handed in by September 21, 2007to receive extra credit for the 1st marking period (only!)
File name: Copy of Safety Rules and Questions.doc | Size: 34.5 KB

Safety Notes
Here are some notes about safety in the science classroom. Appendix A in the textbooks will also provide reminders as well as a great study guide for your safety quiz on Monday (hinthintwinkwink;))
File name: Safety Notes.doc | Size: 27.5 KB

Safety in the Classroom
Notes and science lab map activity
File name: Safety Rules and Questions.doc | Size: 34.5 KB

Scientific Method Notes
Sorry Jen..... I forgot to post these yesterday.... see? I am having "senior moments" all the time:) Here they are..... hopefully - the quiz wasn't horrid...... I am sure you all did well..... even you Jen!
File name: Scientific Method Quiz notes.doc | Size: 25.5 KB

Study guide for Part 1 of the Ch. 2 Test 11/4/08
Here is the study that was created to help you study for the first part of the ch. 2 test that you are STILL taking on Nov. 4th!!!!
File name: virus-bacteria_study_guide[1].doc | Size: 38 KB

The Water Planet Ch. 1 EW Sample Test
Thanks to Wu for reminding me to post the sample test for ch. 1!!
File name: Ch. 1 EW sample test.doc | Size: 272 KB

Virus Notes
Attached are the notes for viruses.
File name: virus notes.doc | Size: 313.5 KB

Wave Quest Study Guide
Students were to create a study guide in class to help them prepare for the wave test. The test is on ch1-1 and 1-2 (pgs. 6 - 15). If they weren't able to finish in class, then they may use this worksheet to help them study.
File name: wave quest study guide.doc | Size: 23.5 KB

Waves Study Guide
Here is a copy of the study guide Mr. Orefice made for class. Thank you Mr. Orefice!!!
File name: ch.1 characteristics of waves study guide 2014.docx | Size: 657.13 KB

Weathering and Soil Formation Sample Test
Here is the sample test for chapter 2. Notice pictures!!! You know I do not draw well!! Study!!!
File name: Ch 2 Weathering and Soil Formation Sample Test.doc | Size: 228.5 KB

algal bloom notes
fill in the blank notes for algal blooms
File name: Algal Blooms notes.doc | Size: 24.5 KB

ch. 2 virus and bacteria sample test
Here is the sample test for virus and bacteria. Use it!! Some of the diagrams will be used for the test so.... USE IT!!!
File name: ch2 virus bacteria sample test.doc | Size: 175.5 KB

review worksheet ch.1
For chapter 1 sections 1 and 2.... in Textbook From Bacteria to Plants....
File name: review sheet 1-1 and 1-2.doc | Size: 25.5 KB