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7th Grade Math Activities
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Basketball Camp
Kristin won a 7-day scholarship worth $1000 to Pro Shot Basketball Camp, but she will have to make some tough decisions about how to spend her money.
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Bridge Design
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is the agency that is responsible for all the bridges, tunnels, and the PATH trains in the metropolitan area. They have determined that there is currently too much traffic over the George Washington Bridge. They are planning for the construction of a new bridge over the Hudson River to meet the needs of the expected increase in traffic in the future. As a bridge designer, you have been selected to plan, design, and construct the new bridge connecting New York and New Jersey.
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Bull's Eye
Students will apply teh concepts of geometry, proportions, and probability to calculate teh chances of of earning a score of 10, and each of the others. They must find the areas of the different concentric circles, or at least their ratios, to determine the likelihood of a randomly-shot arrow landing in each of the rings.
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Holiday Shopping Project
The entire student body of the MacKinnon Middle School will be shopping this holiday season! It doesn’t matter what your background is or in what you believe. It is always a great feeling to give back to your favorite people. Click below to learn more!!
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Pizza Party
The school is having another family night and, since last time you and your classmates complained about the cafeteria food, you have been put in charge of the food. After much consideration, you have decided to make homemade pizza.
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Tessellations are geometrical shapes that completely cover a plane without gaps or overlaps.  Tessellations are found in many natural forms, examples include: honeycombs and the scales on a snake. Many artists use tessellations and reflections in their artwork.  In this activity you will researching the art of MC Escher. 
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Who's the best player in baseball?
We all have a favorite team and player. But what makes your favorite player better than mine? You must determine what makes one athlete better than the rest. Select six major league baseball players from any team. After researching data from your players create and display charts and graphs and present your final decision. Be prepared to convince your classmates that your baseball player is “best”.
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