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6th Grade Math Activities
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Are There Really Vampires?
Did you ever wonder if there were actually vampires on earth? Using the concept that one vampire begins the infection process by biting two humans, and they each bite two humans and so on, it would not be too long until the entire planet was infected! Exponential growth is what we are doing. I am not a vampire, and I hope that you are not a vampire so......
File name: Are there really Vampires.doc | Size: 32 KB
Disney World is Expanding
You have been asked to help select a location for the next theme park for Disney World! In a team, you will find a spot the has the "best weather" that has been determined by your team. Then you must be prepared to convince the owners to use your ideas.
File name: Disney World is Expanding, Where in the[2].ppt | Size: 353 KB
Fraction Monsters
Monsters have invaded planet Earth from planet Numero! Please, create the monster you envision by using fraction circles. You need to name the monster, so identify each fraction piece and add them together to give you monster a Numeber name. Since this creature is on Earth we need to give him/her a human name. Be creative and have fun!
File name: FRACTION MONSTERS.doc | Size: 30 KB
Garden planning
Elizabeth has decided to plant a rectangular flower garden with 24 plants. The plants need to be 1 foot apart. She also knows that the rabbits like eat young plants, so she has decided to put up a fence around her garden.
File name: Garden Fence.doc | Size: 26.5 KB
Holiday Shopping Project
The entire student body of the MacKinnon Middle School will be shopping this holiday season! It doesn’t matter what your background is or in what you believe. It is always a great feeling to give back to your favorite people. Click below to learn more!!
File name: HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREE.ppt | Size: 145 KB
You have been asked to help a student in another grade with the concept of order of operations. Since you are now an expert, please write a letter to this student helping him or her to understand the concept.
File name: PEMDAS.doc | Size: 32.5 KB
Use your knowledge of number patterns to predict how much weight Spot will continue to gain as he grows.
File name: Spot.doc | Size: 28 KB